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VIRTUAL Networking Experience on The  Veranda!
**NOTE this is a LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT...NO Recording will be available!**
This is YOU Face to Face Networking!
What happens on The Veranda? Following TWO Power-Packed Presentations, YOU and FOUR other Women in Business are sent into a VIRTUAL BREAKOUT SESSION to Mastermind,
 Problem Solve and Grow Each Other's Business!

Ethical Entrepreneurship
Join Guest Guru Dez Stephens
Founder & CEO of Radiant Health Institute
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Hello my gorgeous NEW friend, Shelly here,

After leading LIVE Executive Networking Events for nearly a decade, I decided WOMEN in BUSINESS (YOU :)) needed a NEW WAY of communicating with each other!

You are busy, running a household, growing  your business, doctor appointments collide with client meetings, inboxes full of messages needing YOUR attention...

...You need a better way to NETWORK...you are BUSY!!

You need an EASIER WAY to Network, a process of connecting that builds REAL collaborative relationships....and how about an affordable way??!


Just pure amazing women, connecting in a way that is proven to help open that door you have been looking for, to help you take that NEXT step to success. Well, now you found us! We meet monthly and we have been waiting for you to find us! We need you!

We need you to add your knowledge, your experience, your connections, your good heart, your brilliant business mind to our group. You see, we thrive on abundance, we live for each other's growth and success, we want nothing more than to LIFT our fellow VERANDA sister's success to the NEXT LEVEL!

WE can hardly wait for you to join us. To join this movement, of powerful women in business TALKING TO EACH OTHER!...FACE TO FACE!

From Perth, Australia to Los Angeles, California....from Toronto, Canada to Alexandria, Minnesota...women, doing cool things, small and big things, established and new things...all HELPING EACH OTHER!

I am so proud of you for reading this far into my letter to you, I can tell you want change, you need a group that lifts you and that you can lift. I can tell that you are a hard-working woman with huge dreams....and now, you have found us! 

You see, I believe a rising tide raises ALL SHIPS! I believe in opening doors, in building trust and relationships that last. Come join us on The Veranda, we will take you and your business to the next level.

All you need to do today is click the button, choose your Event you want to use your ONE FREE GUEST PASS for, and you are on your way to being one of those ships that will rise with our TIDE OF SUCCESSFUL WOMEN!

I can't wait to introduce you to the rest of the Ladies of The Veranda. You will feel like you belong. We have been wondering when you would find us!

It's going to be great, SEE YOU on The Veranda GIRL!

To your success,
Shelly Yorgesen
Founder | The Veranda Virtual Network 
Meet a few of our Worldwide Members...just waiting to meet you!
We grow business | We CONNECT you | We problem solve | We help you MOVE FASTER
Why Network on The Veranda?....
Check out what a FEW of our Members are saying: 
Thank you so much! I am truly excited to be a part of this amazing group of women.

I went to a local event last Friday…It is another women’s networking group. I was encouraged about going because of the positive experience I had with “The Veranda”. While the event was lovely and the women who are putting the group together were super kind, beautiful, loving, and so well intentioned…I got absolutely NOTHING out of the event. It was quite the contrast and an incredible waste of time. It was frankly a little frustrating.

I wish all women could have such an experience so they could better understand what an incredible leader and business woman you are. How wise you are in the way you lead the Veranda and what a wonderful wealth of knowledge each of the women in the group bring. 

That ideas get sparked for MY business from women who have experiences in other business. Their experiences translate in the coolest ways to my life and business. I am so darn excited about all of this!!!
Alyce  - Idaho USA
"After years of trying lots of networking options, I've typically been left feeling less than enthused; much of it has felt like a HUGE waste of time.

This is the highest quality networking event I've ever experienced ... and it was all accessible from my home computer (woohoo!!)!"

Quinn Curtis - Utah USA

“I recently joined an International VIRTUAL Networking Experience! I have found it incredibly beneficial to Network Internationally with Like –Minded business women. The Veranda is a powerful tool for growing your business and accomplishing both personal and professional goals. Highly recommend!”
- Charity Haderlie – Idaho, USA

Charity Haderlie, - Idaho USA
The Veranda is the PERFECT Networking for INTROVERTS like me!!!...I don't have to leave my office, no silly 6th grade fear of who I will eat lunch with, no awkward conversations, just pure business building, rubbing shoulders with amazing business women!

Maria Thomson - Minnesota USA

“Shelly Yorgesen's The Veranda...a Virtual Event for Women in Business is THE unique opportunity for women across the globe to meet, learn, and gain new contacts, business acumen and connection! 

Each month I gain from the Veranda in ways I simply would not as an isolated business owner: expert business advice, increased clarity from women in the same business boat and new friendships that would not be possible otherwise. 

I would recommend this virtual venue to any women who has both something to offer other business women and a need to fill in their skill gaps. A venture worth taking...”
Lisa Crofton – Connecticut USA

Lisa Crofton - Connecticut USA

A few of our gorgeous members
 from around the world :)
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All Events are 1 - 3:30PM, MT
Location: YOUR OFFICE!! :)
*SEE YOU on The Veranda!!*
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